• Therapy with Alex
    Therapy with Alex Taking the first steps in acknowledging that you need support doesn’t make you weak, in fact it is quite the opposite. Considering the demanding world we live in today I believe that therapy is becoming a necessity
  • Fear of the Unknown
    Fear of the Unknown Through undertaking therapy we can stretch our capacity to tolerate the moment to moment uncertainties of life. Over time you may come to embrace the ebbs and flows of life, and gain an acceptance of ‘what is’.
  • Know thyself
    Know thyself Socrates (C. 469 BC-399 BC) one of the world’s most celebrated philosophers knew the priceless value of self knowledge. In our generation self knowledge gained in therapy is yet again becoming the King of currency.
  • Therapy with Alex
    Therapy with Alex Taking the first steps in acknowledging that you need support doesn’t make you weak, in fact it is quite the opposite. Considering the demanding world we live in today I believe that therapy is becoming a necessity

Your input is important to me. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from my past and present clients:

Question 1
What, if anything, have you gained from the duration of our work together?

"I have gained more confidence, a way to look at things more objectively, to develop more awareness of a given situation. I remember when I came into one of our sessions having had a particularly hard time at work, and we did the EMDR and it was amazing, I wasn't scared anymore, the fear of that situation was gone. In one of your experiments I also realised that I had come to forgive myself, the four year old little girl that had no voice regained her voice. I learned to acknowledge my pain and to understand that the pain I went through was real and that I had done what I had to to survive.
I always felt that I wasn't enough and you've always reminded me that I am and to keep my child alive because that's where the spirit lives. There were lots of moments when I felt encouraged by you, like a building process, I feel like everything I need is now within me. I just need to continue to nurture and protect myself, I feel like I'm now home. Thank you for that.

Question 2
Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so why?

Yes of course I would. You are genuine, you listen, I've had a therapist before who looked at the clock and nodded, you were there and shared your thoughts and feelings. You could also identify with whatever situation I was in and you empathised with me. I would say that the number one reason is probably that you challenge your clients, if you are serious about doing hard work you have to be ready to rip off the bandage and get to work. You also have the best fireplace and toilet in the north east of England. And also I've never said thank you for working around my surgery schedule. Thank you".
Date of Posting: 11 July 2016
Posted By: N. I.
Q1: What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, where there any stand out moments?

"About half way through our work when I put my barriers up was a stand out moment for me, that's when the penny dropped as I tried repeating what I've always done, kicking off and shutting down but you clocked it and we worked through it. I realised I've lived my life conforming to what others need from me, I've worked my socks off and slowly seen my family life deteriorating. I used to treat everything full on with the same approach. It was hard realising how the way I've been impacts so much on my children especially. I've now learned to tune into how my behaviour effects others around me and see that how I'm being affects their scripts so powerfully. I'm getting in better with everyone now."

Q2: Would you recommend therapy with me and, if so, why?

"Yeah of course, it's difficult to explain why though but if I didn't come I don't know where my life would be now. I think I would have just locked myself away. I speak more now too instead of just shutting up shop and getting angry. I'm now embracing what I used to see as a chore. I've softened a lot, at home and at work and I don't want to fight the world no more. I'll keep working on what we've covered, I've learned what makes me tick and pushed through some dark scary times. I'm focusing on the now and taking life one step at a time."

Date of Posting: 22 March 2016
Posted By: M, L.
N. East
Q1: What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, where there any stand out moments?

"I came into therapy knowing that I had a high level of negative self-awareness; I already knew a lot about myself; or so I thought. The sessions allowed me to explore how and why I have become the person I am today. They allowed me to connect with several younger versions of myself, recognise why they had developed the way they had and, as the sessions continued, I found that I had understanding and (dare I say) compassion for them and what they have been through. As a result I have been able to extend some of that understanding and compassion to my adult self and start to accept how I have become the person I am today. I was my own worst enemy when I started Gestalt therapy, now I am becoming my friend. Maybe not my best friend yet, but that idea doesn’t seem as impossible now as it once did!! I’m a work in progress, and I am ok with that!"

Q2: Would you recommend therapy with me and, if so, why?

"Undoubtedly. I was challenged in ways that I had never been challenged before, yet I felt psychologically held and totally safe throughout the whole process. Gestalt and your practice have taught me that I should not take what I think I know at face value; things aren’t always what they seem. I listen so much more to my feelings and senses now rather than just relying on my head. I have also learned that the past happened for a reason but that it is how I use that in the “here and now” that will best serve me and my future. I admired your congruence and openness and felt reassured me that things in my own past were not wrong and did not make me a terrible person. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough!"

Date of Posting: 13 March 2016
Posted By: Sarah, P
Question 1
What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, were there any key standout moments?

"When I first came to Alex I was really struggling with anxiety and stress. I felt trapped in a job that I did not enjoy and I had been really struggling.
The main thing I have learnt from my time with Alex was within bad times there are always opportunities. Alex has helped me grasp those opportunities which has ultimately made me feel a lot more positive about myself.
Key stand out moments came when Alex taught me coping mechanisms to help me deal with the stress and anxiety. I also liked how Alex challenged me on issues which allowed me to open up and be honest".

Question 2.
Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so, why?

"I had never been to therapy before and therefore did not know what to expect. Alex immediately made me feel very comfortable which allowed me to open up and tackle my particular issue. I would definitely recommend anyone to Alex, he has made me feel a lot more positive about myself".

Date of Posting: 29 February 2016
Posted By: Jonathan, G.
Q1:What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, were there any key standout moments?

"I came to realise that I didn't listen, and that Instead I buried my head in the sand. I realised coming to you how scared and upset I was. I am now fully aware of my addictive personality which I now manage much more effectively by being less avoidant, taking a step back and being more pro-active. Your a great listener and you were able to hit the nail on the head when I felt lost, that push and nudge from you I would expand on outside of our sessions".

Q2: Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so, why?

"Yes. I was very selective, and I wanted someone I could relate too, the physical background and boxing histories helped straight away. I didn't know what to expect but from the first session, straight away I could tell you got me and that it was more than just a job with you, you go above and beyond which made me want to give more. I'm not a doormat, and I wish to god I'd met you five years ago, the damage and fallout I've had would have been avoided. Therapy was taboo to me, but nowadays I'm sharing my sessions with 7 or 8 of my pals which is good, even my employees have benefitted. Our sessions have stuck with me and I've really enjoyed our time together. I feel satisfied ending, looking forward to my life and I'm going to keep on developing and remembering our sessions".
Date of Posting: 24 January 2016
Posted By: Paul, L.
Redcar & Cleveland
Q1:What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, were there any key standout moments?

"I've learned about the impact that my family have had on my behaviour and my perception of things. I think I was in denial about how their behaviour may have affected me because I am lucky to have been blessed with a loving and caring family. However, they are not perfect (whose is!) and I've learned that my separation anxiety comes from the separation of my parents and the controlling behaviour that my mum displays. You've taught me ways to cope with this anxiety and spot the signs when it begins to affect my personal relationships.
I think one of the most important lessons I learned was about how to deal with tricky situations in romantic relationships. I often freak out if I don't hear from someone for a while or their behaviour isn't necessarily what I would do in a given situation. This is linked with my separation anxiety and you taught me to be a little more patient and sit with the discomfort a while longer before jumping to conclusions. This has really worked for me and I can honestly say may be one of the reasons why my new relationship is going well. I've also learned how to deal with conflict more appropriately. I do have a bit of a fiery side to me and this can aggravate situations even if I have the right to be angry. Therefore you taught me to convey my feelings in a way that is calm and respectful to the other person. This seems to be working so far.
I think one of the most life changing things that I've learned is to have confidence in my perceptions and feelings. My mother's personality is very different from mine and often she tries to mold me into what she thinks I should be like (ladylike, elegant, calm) but that just isn't me. She does this because she wants what is best but she needs to learn to accept me for who I am. Because of this I am often criticised for my behaviour and reactions to things (especially with men) and this meant I was insecure, dependent upon my mother's advice and always felt I have behaved inappropriately. When I started to tell you things that I thought or felt about situations you made me see that my reactions were justified and to be proud of standing up for what I believe in. Now when I have an insecure moment and think 'should I have done that?' I remember how you taught me to have confidence in my perceptions and feelings and I no longer feel insecure or guilty about these.
I've also learned to respect myself and feel I have regained my dignity. For a couple of years I had lost my confidence and allowed people to push me around and this resulted in a constant erosion of my pride and dignity. You've taught me how to value myself again and because of that I feel proud".

Q2: Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so, why?

"Absolutely and I have done already, lol. You are very warm and non-judgemental and this meant I felt I could be vulnerable with you and really tell you what I was feeling. This was of course central to the success of the therapy. I really liked the fact that you would talk about some of your own experiences and these gave me comfort as I then knew that how I was feeling wasn't crazy at all. It also showed me that you had a lot of life experience to draw from and this is crucial. I would not have enjoyed talking with a therapist who could not relate on some level to what I was talking about. However, whilst you are open to being vulnerable in our sessions I could also see your inner strength and I felt like I could rely on you for support. You are clearly a wonderful person, a diamond in the dust, and you helped me see the light in one of the darkest times of my life".
Date of Posting: 15 December 2015
Posted By: K.C.
Question 1
What, if anything, have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, were there any key standout moments?

"This is not an exhaustive list. Over the past year I have developed, matured, and learnt more than I thought was possible. With your help and support I have allowed myself to explore the pain of losing my father at a young age, along with a multitude of other issues. This process has taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I will take with me. I have learnt the only way to deal with emotions is to listen to, and process them, as opposed to repressing them. I have learned to listen to my inner child, not be so self critical and disassociate myself with any problems I may face. I have learnt not to project or catastrophise situations, enabling myself to look at things with a cooler head without flying off the handle. Finally, I have learnt that only I have the power to cause myself undue stress and anxiety, and that is something I can control".

Question 2
Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so, why?

"I can not describe the impact that the work we have done together has made on my life. 12 months ago my anxiety was ruining my life, now I feel like a different person. From my first session I felt comfortable telling you things I had never spoken to anyone about. The fact that you too have overcome your own challenges and are comfortable sharing this has made my own experience a lot more bearable during the tough times. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who understands me as well as you do and will miss our sessions together".
Date of Posting: 14 December 2015
Posted By: Alex, B.
Q1. What if anything have you learned about yourself over the duration of our work together, and where there any key standout moments?

"It's so difficult to summarise in a few sentences just how important the last 18 months have been. When I arrived, there were feelings of shame, disgust and confusion about myself and my future. Your immediate acceptance of me as a person and what was going on at the time has allowed continuing progress to take place to the point where I've allowed a close family member into what has been a very difficult part of my life....never in a million years would I think I was capable of doing something like that. I project far less, I am able to take a step back and see why or what is going on but most importantly you taught me to trust relationships and trust myself to be able to work through rifts in a relationship (there were a few). I have achieved incredible things professionally thanks to your support and can now treat myself with kindness instead of continuing down pathways of self destruction to manage distress. As I now embark on the next journey in my life, I am sure there will be continuing challenges however I am confident that I am far more resourceful and carry far less shame to allow me to embrace whatever new memories I start to create".

Q2. Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so why?

"You listen to understand, not just to respond, and your understanding of me as a person and what was sometimes going on in the room was always pretty much spot on. Your warmth, kindness and human approach was refreshing, and always worked without judgements; even when I brought loads! You promote hard work in and out of the therapy room and when sensing avoidance give the challenges that are needed to ensure that the most is gained from each session! You see the best and encourage the best and I can't imagine having not had the honour to have worked with you.
It doesn't really do justice to what has gone on in the last 18 months but I just hope you know how special you are to me, I will miss you greatly! Thanks for being scrappy!!"
Date of Posting: 10 November 2015
Posted By: Mark, T.
"Well I am unwrapping into a different journey, and that is because you have helped me to unwrap my inner hurt, the hidden places that I did not want to let go of, because they felt familiar and safe. NOW...I am taking risks, risks with myself and others. I am learning that I can be assertive and voice my needs and not feel guilty about them. This will be a continued journey; Rome was not built in a day!!! But I know I have the confidence to take risks and on the days where it is lacking I will endeavour to take care of myself, not dwell on my thoughts and accept this is also a part of me and tomorrow is a new day. I will remember the clock face technique and imagine 'you' singing 'Born to fight' at 'half past the hour' as part of my support network.
Alex my sentiments in this letter are my honest thoughts and feelings as to how I have found our therapeutic relationship together. Your genuine humanness and warmth has helped me to trust you, enabling me to un-wrap my hidden self, at times that has been incredibly hard, and at times I have felt at the depths of despair, but I knew you supported me through the process. You challenged me where needed in a gentle way, helping me to see that challenge is 'OK' Thank you for that. You have at all times shown professionalism and expertise and have always been accurate with your interventions. These qualities will serve you well with clients and I believe are an essential part of any therapeutic relationship and are at times so lacking in any helping relationships.
I wish you with all sincerity continued success in your career and your personal life; I have and will continue to recommend you as a therapist as I am sure you will help many other people to "un-wrap" their hidden selves and move forward in their lives. I look forward to one day maybe reading your books and attend your workshops! As you have a lot to offer Alex, to other professionals and people who need a 'listening ear' and a 'warm heart'. Thank you again for MY help!
Date of Posting: 21 October 2015
Posted By: S. S.
North Yorkshire
Question 1
What, if anything, have you gained or learned about yourself over the duration of our work?
"I have gained increased tolerance. Over the years I would kick off at the drop of a hat, I think about the situation now and as you said to me I can choose whether I am more interested in being right, or getting it right. That's been massive for me on a daily basis and applying it to my relationship with my family I have seen big shifts in the right direction. I'm realising that there's lots of things in life that I don't need to worry about. I spent my life worrying about so many things, now I can put my mind to sitting alongside my anxieties and ride them out. I have a spring in my step now, I'm having happy thoughts that no longer get blasted straight down by 5 negative thoughts. My relationship with my son has improved so much and the change in me is also rubbing off on others dramatically. It's been amazing speaking to someone like you."

Question 2
Would you recommend therapy with me, and if so, why?
"Yes. I have never done anything like this before and from the first minute I met you I felt completely relaxed, I felt I could tell you everything and I have, I have never hidden anything in here I've just went for it. I'm not sure whether its your manner and the ease you have or because we are men of similar ages but I remember driving back home after our first session knowing I was in the right place with the right person."
Date of Posting: 08 October 2015
Posted By: G.S.
North East

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